PUBG APK Mobile Lite Download Free For Android

PUBG APK Mobile Lite Download Free
PUBG APK Mobile Lite Download Free

PUBG APK Mobile game after release becoming popular in the worldwide because of its brilliant features. However, the only thing that Tencent Games does not good is that the game’s graphics are not good with phones requirements. So, this August they released PUBG Mobile Lite which have features updated. In this update, they target the requirements of the phone to increase them and also small the size of the game. In PUBG Mobile Lite 40 players are parachute onto a graphically rich 2×2 km island. All the players have their own weapons, vehicles, and supply while they are battling. When you land to get ready to fire onto the enemy and survive. That would be a great battle for you.

PUBG APK Mobile Lite Download Free

PUBG APK Mobile Lite has all the features which the full-size game have. It is an amazing game to play on your Android phone. The app is created in Unreal Engine 4 and it has also high-quality graphics which is great. PUBG APK Mobile Lite made for mobile phones specifically and also for tablets which have less RAM.  You can also team up with your friends to enjoy the combined game.

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Simple GamePlay

PUBG Mobile has a very simple environment of playing the game. As the lite versions of Facebook or Messenger lite, PUBG APK Mobile Lite is a simple and shrunk version of PUBG Game. In Lite version eliminating some unimportant detail or reduce the hardware requirements. Similarly by reducing hardware requirements but not compromising on the quality of the game. When you deploy into the island the only way to return is that knock out your opponent.

PUBG APK Mobile Lite Download Free

At the time of landing, you can choose the weapons, vehicles and armor, helmet for your protection.

Meet With Friends

The game has the features of inviting your friends to join the game to play. You can easily team up with your friends and create a plan to play for the win. PUBG APK is not just a game it is a Royal Battle. While playing you can chat with your friends to trap your enemy.

Pragmatic Weapons

You can instantly select your favorite weapons from the different category like Assault Rifles, Pistols, SMGs, Snipers, DMRs, Shotguns. You can pick up your favorite weapons from your store and start a new game. The game has very interesting weapons category if you like to play with the latest weapons then PUBG Mobile is the right choice for you.

Smaller Size

The PUBG Lite is small in size almost 352Mb but the original game is about 1.64Gb. So-Lite version saves the memory of your mobile phone which you can you for other storage. But there is no compromise on the quality of game the other detail is shrunk which cannot effect on the game.

Updated Features of PUBG APK Mobile Lite

When you open the game you will notice that it is similar to the full game. The most of PUBG Mobile features are same in PUBG APK Mobile Lite.

  • The size of the Lite version is much smaller than the full game.
  • The graphics of the Lite version is low because to reduce the size of the game. But you change it in the setting. Because of small size to optimizations for low-level phones of 2GB RAM.
  • The lite version consists of a small map of 2km x2 km island. There is greenery houses and vehicles are moving as in real.
  • PUBG Mobile Lite version has limited numbers of players of 40 which means that you vs 29 others.

PUBG APK Mobile Lite Download Free

PUBG Mobile Lite Version Info:

Name:                                          PUBG Mobile Lite (APK)

Publisher:                                     Tencent Games

Size of App:                                  352 MB

Latest Version:                             0.9.0

Requirements:                           Android 4.0.3 +

License:                                       Free

 PUBG APK Mobile Lite Download Free


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