Print2CAD 2019 DV 19.40b Free Download For Windows

Print2CAD 2019
Print2CAD 2019

Print2CAD 2019 is an application which converts the HPGL, PDF, HPGL-2, DWG and Raster (TIFF, JPEG, etc.) files into a DWG or DXF file. It can be can be constructed and edited into any of the CAD systems. It can also convert PDF into raster formats (JPEG, TIFF, etc. Print2CAD is a standalone developed program that works independently. In other words, you can say that you do not require a CAD program to use Print2CAD. This program that is based on its own PDF libraries. Raster files have excellent accuracy. Print2CAD also supports the latest version of PDF. It can also be used to download Vector works 2019 Windows. All vectors, surfaces, lines, arcs, surfaces, text and pixel images can be transferred into DXF or DWG. The pixel images can be converted into vectors, embedded in separated files. Special functions create or produce circles and arcs.

Print2CAD 2019

But if these are not available in the file, this can be generated on the basis of color or line width. PDF features are put together for the production of new texts. Print2CAD is an powerful application for Windows that allows you to edit different files. PDF features are also converted into CAD properties. Moreover, Print2CAD 2019 is an autonomous program.

Download Print2CAD 2019 DV 19.40b Free

Print2CAD can be used to recognize the colors, frames, layers, and crosses. It can normalize the text heights. It can be used to check and for the correction of OCR. It includes all the important files for working on your system. It is a complete offline version of Print2CAD 2019 DV 19.40b download free. A very simple program is created. The stages of the latest conversions are progressed to the stages. You can convert DWG / DXF files very easily to other image formats such as TIFF / JPEG and more. Print2CAD 2019 is an effective tool that can be used to convert PDF drawings and designers into editable DWG and DXF files and vice versa. You can easily edit these files in CAD software like AutoCAD and Codex Inline. Print2CAD 2019 is a completely standalone application. It is not affiliated with any CAD software.

BackToCAD Technologies Print2CAD 2019 is a very useful tool that can convert PDF files into a DWG or DXF file. Which you can import into any CAD system where it can be edited. aLSO, Print2CAD 2019 is a complete standalone CAD-independent software program. It also converts DWG / DXF to PDF, DWF to DWG / DXF, TIFF / JPEG to DWG and HPGL to DWG / DXF.

Features of Print2CAD 2019 DV 19.40b Free Download

Some of the features of the Print2CAD are listed below for your ease. You can thoroughly read through all these features:

  • You can convert PDF to DWG or DXF Converter.
  • It also used for converter TIFF, JPEG Vectorization to DWG or DXF.
  • Print2CAD 2019 is used for HPGL and DWF to DWG or DXF as a converter.
  • It has PDF Text Recognition (OCR of Drawing).
  • You can use PDF Line Type Recognition.
  • The program allows you to edit different types of files formates.
  • Print2CAD used as DWF to DWG or DXF converter.
  • It also has PDF Layer Recognition.
  • You can use PDF Frame, Right Corner, and Symbol Recognition.
  • Convert Vectors: It is used to convert all PDF vectors and native PDF text, recognize circles and arcs, recognize right corners, crosses, frames and recognize layers.

Print2CAD 2019

  • Raster 2 Vector: It separates all parts of a raster picture and applies appropriate raster to vector method. It recognizes corners and symbols as well as.
  • Prepare: You can view Input, Cleanup Raster Pictures, choose the right threshold for the color black, inclination and markup the text areas.
  • OCR of Text: It has the functionality of OCR – text can be as raster, lines, or solid hatches. You can normalize the text heights.
  • Post Processing: It calibrates the Coordinates. It can change Colors and Text Heights. And also recognize the Line Types.

    OCR Recognition of Inclined Text

    Separation of OCR Areas
    • Markup of Text Inclination
    • Editing of Recognized PDF Text
    • Recognition of Text as Solid Hatches
    • Automatic Spelling Check
    • Check and Correction of OCR
    • OCR Recognition of Symbols
    • Normalization of Text Heights

System Requirements Print2CAD 2019 DV 19.40b

While installation of Print2CAD your PC must meet some recommended requirements

  • Operating System:                Window 10, 7, 8, 8.1
  • RAM:                                     4GB of RAM or more 8 GB recommended
  • Hard Disk Memory:               2GB of available hard-disk space
  • Processor:                             2 GHz, DirectX 11
  • Display:                                 1024 x 768

Print2CAD 2019 DV 19.40b Software Technical Detail:

Software Name:                Print2CAD 2019 DV 19.40b

Setup File Name      

File Size:                             180 MB

Setup Installer:                 Offline

Compatibility:                   64Bit (64x) or 32Bit (32x)

Download & Install Print2CAD 2019 DV 19.40b Free Download

For downloading and installation of Print2CAD follow the following instructions:

  • First of all download the latest version of Print2CAD 2019.
  • After downloading the file extract the zip file using WinRAR or Winzip.
  • After extracting the file open the installer and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Then install the program in your Window.

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Print2CAD 2019 DV 19.40b Download Free

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