Minitab 19.2020.1 Free Download for PC

Minitab 19.2020.1 Free Download for PC
Minitab 19.2020.1 Free Download for PC

Minitab 19.2020.1 is an application that is developed for statistical analysis, improvement analytics, visualizations, predictive and to allow decision making ability according to the data. Further, Minitab Statistical is basically a software which is used all over the world and used in many disciplines, as well as academia, quality improvement, operational excellence, manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma, marketing, research, development and many more. Minitab is special software which provides you the quality and reliability in the engineering for development of the product, and also for business analytics. It is also useful for process validation, all in one Minitab is the best application for you in your data analysis ride. Moreover, MiniTab Free provides you a joint with unmatched easy to use. It makes it unassuming than ever before and it provides you all of the ability to get into the data.

Minitab 19.2020.1 Free Download for PC
Minitab 19.2020.1 Free Download for PC

Nowadays in every filed of real-world statistics are very important, the data patterns provide the ability to make decisions and that decisions we use in analysis, postprocessing, collection, study, and classification of data. Furthermore, nowadays, the concept of Big Data is in the world. That is why we need such high quality of software which help use to simplify and understand behavior of data to make decisions. MiniTab Free Download is powerful or easy to use software for students and other professionals as well.

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Minitab 19.2020.1 Free Download

MiniTab Software is a useful statistical application that is specially designed for data analysis. In addition, by the use of MiniTab users can also analyze data and expand his services and products. The great thing of this software is that it also provides you an interactive Assistant that leads the users over his analysis projects. Also, it provides you the ability to make sure that the results of the analysis are correct and reliable. Minitab Download gives you an easy to use user experience for inferential and descriptive analysis. Also, Minitab tutorials also provides you the complete help to use the software in a good and well explained way. In addition, the understanding of the results that Minitab gives you on integral analysis such as hypothesis testing or Capability analysis is very valuable for sharing with management. You can download the latest version of MiniTab Software.

Minitab 19.2020.1 Free Download for PC

Moreover, it also provides you built-in graphs and functions that are great. The great thing is that it saves you’re a lot of time by automatically doing calculations on data sets that would then require extra application for computation. Furthermore, in this software it is very easy to give input to the data. Then have so numerous diverse options for fundamentally “auto-analyzing” the data over the huge diversity of statistic tools made obtainable with this amazing application. It provides you comprehensive set of statistical calculation tools. In addition, it gives us the ability to create professional presentations mostly to its user-friendly and also customizable interface that makes it relaxed to work with stats. Minitab is a useful software which gives you many features for your workflow. It provides you inclusive set of statistics for discovering your graphs and data for interactive your success.

Features of MiniTab 19 Free Download for Windows:

  • It also provides you the feature of Assistant which is used for the analysis of measurement systems. Graphics systems and volume and for regression, hypothesis, control chart tests and also for DOE.
  • In addition, basic statistics: one and two proportion tests, descriptive, Z-tests, Poisson rate tests, co-variance tests and correlation, atypical value tests, normality tests, and goodness-of-fit test for Poisson.
  • Also, Assistant for the formation of specialized looking charts: matrix, dispersion, bubbles, and rotational, 3D contour, distribution of probabilities and probability.
  • It also provides you calculation of linear, ordinal, nominal, binary logistics, Poisson regressions and non-linear.
  • This software also provides you the function for the analysis of the alteration: general linear model, ANOVA, MANOVA, prediction, manifold comparisons, and response optimization…
  • You can also control the statistical processes: Pareto diagrams, run charts, cause control charts for variables, and effect diagrams. And attributes, process volume for multiple variables, and biased time control charts.
  • Further, analysis of the measurement system for the collection of data on worksheets. Measurement system run charts, and mistaken classification probabilities.
  • The Design of experiments (DOE): split-plot factorials, level two factorials, general factorials, response surface designs, and Placket-Burman factorials.

Minitab 19.2020.1 Free Download for PC

  • You can also import Monte Carlo simulation models which is created in Minitab Statistical application into Companion.
  • It is a powerful statistical application are exact and easy to use, letting us to access a well knowledge of the information limited in the data. With an significant saving of time in the group, interpretation cycle, and analysis.
  • Survival/ Reliability: non-parametric distributions, Analysis of parametric, least squares, goodness-for-fit measurements. Accelerated life testing and maximum likelihood estimations.
  • Sample Power and Size: for broad-mindedness intervals, calculation of the size of the sample for the estimation. For one and two sample Poisson rates.
  • Multivariate: factorial analysis, analysis of main components, cluster observations, discriminant analysis, correspondence analysis.
  • Furthermore, you can also work with something basic starting with the evocative statistics to arithmetical methods for forecasts. Such as regression models, ANOVA, experiment designs and Time Series.
  • Time and prediction Series: trend analysis, time series charts, decomposition analysis…
  • Non-parametric: Mann-Whitney, sign tests, Wilcoxon, Mood’s median, and Kruskal-Wallis.
  • Equivalence tests.
  • Chi-square tables and separate variable accounts.
  • Simulations and deliveries with chance number generators, density functions, and accumulated delivery and casual sampling.
  • Capacity and Macros to customize the toolbar menus also the user profiles.

System Requirements for Minitab Download

While installation of Free Download your PC must meet some recommended requirements.

  • Operating System:                  Window 7/8/10
  • RAM:                                        512MB of RAM or more 8 GB recommended
  • Hard Disk Memory:              200MB of available hard-disk space
  • Processor:                                Intel Dual Core

Technical Detail:

  • Software Name:             Minitab
  • File Size:                          209 MB, 175 MB
  • Setup Installer:              Offline
  • Compatibility:                64Bit (64x) or 32Bit (32x)

Download & Install Minitab Free

For downloading and installation of Minitab follow the following instructions:

  • First of all download the latest version of Minitab form ToolHippo.
  • After downloading the file extract the zip file using WinRAR or Winzip.
  • After extracting the file open the installer and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Then install the program in your Window.

Minitab 19.2020.1 Free Download for PC 32 Bit

Minitab 19.2020.1 Free Download for PC 64 Bit

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