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DtSearch Desktop
DtSearch Desktop

Software Description:

DtSearch Desktop 7.94.86 is a powerful software all over the world. DtSearch Desktop is a software company which is specialized in text retrieval software. The software includes products for Intranet/Internet spidering and search, enterprise desktop search, and search engines for developers. It can search using synonyms, logical operators, ranking by relevance, search for phrases and consonances, terms and dictionaries, ranking by location, search by the mask, search taking into account the order and relative position of the desired units, search in a given range of numerical values, morphological search and custom weights.

 DtSearch Desktop

DtSearch Desktop software provides you an application software that can turn long time-consuming searches into instant operations. The software has some interesting and powerful features includes a scrolling word list for instant feedback and a lookup word, phonics, detailing the effect of fuzzy, stemming, thesaurus search options and wildcard. DtSearch is a very interesting tool if you are finding yourself always looking for the stuff within your computer. Because you are a completely dis-organized person but if you want to store everything you have to come across and then rely on software to help you quickly and instantly and can easily find the exact piece of information that you are trying to bring out of the crowd.

DtSearch Desktop Free Download For Windows

Furthermore, you can make use of a field button and also exhibit all index document fields, search reports, a search history exhibit, clipboard options, exhibit hits in the retrieved document along with the requested amount of context, exporting of search results in sundry data formats, file launching and other implements for working with retrieved data, for facile use with other programs, special forensic indexing and probing implements.

 Moreover, the Terabyte Indexer of DtSearch File Converter can index over a terabyte in a single index, emails, and affix mints, spanning multiple directories, online data, and other databases. The products can be engendered and can prove any number of indexes. By using DtSearch Engine, the user can instantly search desktop-accessible files. DtSearch Desktop can instantly search terabytes of text because it can build a search index for the storage of the location of words in documents. Indexing is very easy and simple to select folders or entire drives to index.

 DtSearch Desktop

DtSearch Desktop 7.94.86 is a software that lets you search for gigabytes of text in seconds on a local computer by creating an index that stores the location of words in your files. Furthermore, the program offers the features of highlighting the desired fragments and supports a list of databases of email messages and file formats.

Features of DtSearch Free Download For Windows:

Some of the main key features of DtSearch Desktop Free Download listed below:

• The program has scrolling word list which response instantly after entering a search query.• DtSearch has multiple functions indexed, full-text, non-indexed and structured search.• It can show all indexed document fields by using a special button.•  You can also view past search history. • You can also export search results to different data formats very easily.
• dtSearch also acts as tools for publishing, large data collections to Web sites, with instant text searching and portable media.
• In the latest update, the developers add dtSearch quick searching and data support to your application.
• It has multithreaded searching with no limit of search threads.
• Federated searching and other basic search options
• It also serves as easy multicolor hit-highlighting.
• The program has hash support, credit cards are the options of Forensics-oriented searches.
• It supports extensive multiple international languages.
• The program also has the search option of faceted or “drill down” category searching through APIs.
• You can use the granular search for filtering by multiple classification options through APIs.

System Requirements for DtSearch Desktop

While installation of DtSearch Desktop Download must meet some recommended requirements:

  • Operating System:                Intel Dual Core
  • Processor:                            Intel Dual Core or higher
  • RAM:                                   2GB of RAM or more
  • Hard Disk Memory:              2 GB of available hard-disk space

Software Technical Detail:

Software Name:              DtSearch Desktop

Setup File Name:             DtSearch_Desktop_toolhippo.com

File Size:                            75 MB

Setup Installer:                Offline

Compatibility:                  64Bit (64x) or 32Bit (32x)

Download & Install Dt Search Desktop

For downloading and installation of Dt Search Desktop follow the following instructions:

  • First of all, download the latest version of Dt Search Desktop Free.
  • After downloading the file extract the zip file using WinRAR or WinZip.
  • After extracting the file open the installer and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Then install the program in your Window.

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DtSearch Desktop 7.94.8600 Free Download [Crack]

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