dnSpy 6.1.7 Free Download – Latest Version For Windows

dnSpy 6.1.7 Free Download For Windows
dnSpy 6.1.7 Free Download For Windows

Download the Latest Version of dnSpy Free for Windows. Further, the application and all files are 100% safe and checked. Furthermore, the program is installed manually before uploading on Tool Hippo, the software is working perfectly without any issue. Free Download Full Offline Installer Standup Setup for Windows most updated dnSpy for Windows 10/8/7. Furthermore, this article either clarifies how the software works or how to utilize it.


dnSpy is a useful and also a powerful application because it provides you the complete ability to easily bring about obfuscated code. On the other hand, it provides you a good variety of tools at your removal. Because most of the software engineers require a tool that can handle all of the hurdles to compile the code more effectively. The software engineer has to decompile different types of assemblies to know about the functionality and understand it. So that to do all of this you definitely require a tool that can do all of these operations in seconds. dnSpy is a handy application that can provide you the ability to get the best possible results.

dnSpy 6.1.7 Free Download For Windows

Moreover, it is a portable application so you don’t need to install it on your PC. Just click the file and use the application quickly. It provides you many useful or powerful features and functions that you can use them. Furthermore, you run the application file from your USB and also from your external hard drive. dnSpy provides you a complete or comprehensive interface that is easy to use and you can understand it in a few minutes. Further, it also provides you the ability to manage or organize your main windows according to your requirements very easily such menus and other things. You can easily and quickly configure the settings of the different components of the dnSpy such as a debugger, hex editor, and de-compiler. Also, Download CreaToon Free Download – Latest Version For Windows

Free 2020

dnSpy is a multi-pack application that provides you many handy tools. You can use them according to your needs and also access a tree view of the desired assembly very easily. It enables the software engineer to get access to a variety of tools that he or she needs such as decompiler, debugger, and also assembly editor. Basically, dnSpy is a powerful .NET assembly editor and also a debugger. It gives you the ability to edit and debug assemblies. Furthermore, if you don’t have any source code then you can also edit or debug it. dnSpy Portable is a debugger and .NET assembly editor for editing and debugging assemblies.

Features of dnSpy Free Download For Windows:

  • It is a powerful .NET Framework Debugger
  • Further, it can debug Unity game assemblies and also .NET Core even if you don’t have source code
  • You can also set breakpoints and step into the least assembly.
  • Locals, autos windows, watch
  • It also provides you a variables windows support so that you can save variables.
  • Object IDs
  • It can perform multi-processing that is why you can debug multiple processes at the same time.
  • You can break the load of the module.
  • Conditional breakpoints and Tracepoints
  • It gives you the ability to export and import tracepoints and breakpoints.
  • Processes windows, threads, Call stack, modules
  • It also supports break on thrown exceptions (1st chance)
  • In addition, it provides you a variables windows support which helps you with the evaluation of C# and Visual Basic expressions.
  • dnSpy gives you the functionality of dynamic modules and it can be debugged but not the dynamic methods because of the CLR limitations.
  • In the output window logs, dnSpy provides you different debugging events.

dnSpy Free Download

  • It gives you timestamps by default in the output window
  • On the other hand, assemblies that can be decrypted themselves when they are in the runtime can be debugged, and dnSpy will use the in-memory image.
  • You can bound the dnSpy to use the images which are in the memory in its place of disk files always.
  • To control the debugger, you can use the Interactive window of C# and write an extension.
  • Further, all of the metadata can be edited.
  • It provides you the ability to edit methods and classes in C# or Visual Basic with IntelliSense even if you don’t have source code.
  • You can also insert or add new methods, classes, or members in Visual Basic or C#.
  • You can use the IL editor for low-level IL method body editing.
  • Further, you can edit low-level metadata tables. It uses the hex editor inside.

Hex Editor

  • dnSpy provides you the ability to click in the decompiled code into the address to move directly to its IL code which is in the hex editor.
  • In its IL body Press F12 to reverse the directions above operation in the hex editor to directly move to the decompiled code.
  • Also, to the other high-level representation of the bits.
  • This feature is amazing because it helps you to find the portion which is just modified.
  • Further, it highlights the PE structures and .NET metadata structures.
  • On the other hand, the tooltips provide you more information about the selected PE field and .NET metadata.
  • Go to position, RVA, file
  • Go to method body, #Blob / .NET metadata token/ #Strings / #US heap offset or #GUID heap index
  • Follow references (Ctrl+F12)
  • Other

System Requirements 

While installation on your system must meet some recommended requirements.

  • RAM:                                      2GB of RAM or more 4 GB recommended
  • Hard Disk Memory:             5 GB of available hard-disk space
  • Processor:                              1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above
  • Operating System:               2000 SP4*, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10

Software Technical Detail:

Software Name          dnSpy

Setup File Name:          dnSpy_2020_toolhippo.com

File Size:                           23 MB

Setup Installer:               Offline

Compatibility:                 64Bit (64x) or 32Bit (32x)

dnSpy Download & Install

For downloading and installation of dnSpy Latest Version for Windows 10/8/8.1/7 follow the following instructions:

  • First of all, download the dnSpy Offline Installer latest version of the software.
  • After downloading the file extract the zip file using WinRAR or WinZip.
  • After extracting the file open the installer and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Then install the program in your window.


dnSpy 6.1.7 Free Download For Windows


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