Cross DJ Pro 3.4.2 Mod APK Free Download | Android

Cross DJ Pro 3.4.2 Mod APK Free Download
Cross DJ Pro 3.4.2 Mod APK Free Download

Cross DJ Pro 3.4.3 MOD APK is one of the best DJ Pro apps for Android users. This app allows you to easily and quickly mix different tracks in perfect sync on an influential audio engine. Cross DJ Pro is developed by Mix vibes, and they are the digital DJing pioneer for more than 15 years. The full version of this application provides you all FX involved and no other extra purchase, and no pop-ups. Cross DJ Pro 2019 is recognized as one of the best and leading DJ apps that is presently available for Android devices. On the other hand, the application has some or few weaknesses, but the developers try to solve it. The problem that the user faces are that the mobile device hardware has not encountered the more advanced features.

Cross DJ Pro 3.4.2 Mod APK Free Download

Cross DJ Pro Download can display songs in a small movement, so if you want to have full-wave than it cannot be zoom in on them. In addition, if your requirement is to have a quality DJ builder, this app may not be appropriate for you. Because this problem can cause the main awkwardness to users, making the editing process not correct. In addition, the audio file output is also mediocre to the original music. If you want a better result than you may try the PC version.

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Cross DJ Pro 3.4.2 Free Download for Android

It is very difficult to find an application that has the ability to replace Cross DJ PRO for making DJ music on Android devices because it is best for this. There are a lot of outstanding and wonderful features that this app brings. In Cross DJ Pro 3.4.2 Free Download, you will need to open at least one pathway by clicking the plus icon that is present on the extreme left corner of the screen. After this, you have to just select the song that you need to handle which is stored in the Local Library of Android device memory.

Cross DJ Pro 3.4.2 Mod APK Free Download

Cross DJ Pro displays songs by albums, by their artists and genres as a professional music player. It allows you to create your own playlists of favorite songs. This application is a music and audio app for all android devices. You can also mix tracks in perfect synchronization on an audio engine that is very suitable. It is concocted by Mix vibes, digital DJing pioneer for 15 years.

Features of Cross DJ Pro APK Free Download:


  • It has a precise BPM exposure of your music, and downcast to the last decimal.
  • Furthermore, it has steady sync: one-press, manual pitch bend and the 2 tracks never go out of phase
  • You can also customize, and by the manual pitch range of different ranges (4, 8, 16, 32, 100%).
  • Also, it has a beat matcher: equivalent waveforms to visually check if your tracks are synced.
  • Moreover, it has an accurate beat-grid editing tool: which allows you to make any track sync correctly.
  • In addition, the quantize: hot cues and loops are automatically set on the beat
  • It provides you a smart-seek: tap on the waveform to get a seamless jump and fast-forward.
  • You can also split Mono: pre-listen your music tracks beforehand mixing them.
  • You can also use the Auto mix: which lets you to Cross DJ mix your tracks and play music automatically, from any sources (album, playlist, etc.).
  • It has an external mixer: crossfader and controls EQs with hardware mixers.

Cross DJ Pro 3.4.2 Mod APK Free Download


  • You can use the low latency: music reacts promptly to your actions.
  • In addition, you can very truthfully scratch sound as on real turntables.
  • Furthermore, you can also record your mixes live and in high-quality.
  • The Autogain can automatically match the levels of 2 tracks.
  • You can also use the Keylock mode: and change the BPM without moving the tone.
  • Key detection can notice the key of the songs and know which tracks sound good composed.
  • Also, the supported MIDI controllers which help you to U-Mix Control Pro 1&2, DDJ-WeGO2, Pioneer DDJ-SB, and DDJ-WeGO3.

Cross DJ Pro 3.4.2 Mod APK Free Download


  • This app has an extraordinary interface that consists of 2 turntables, a 3-band EQ mixer – with DJM EQ preset.
  • Also, the Sampler provides you more than 72 samples and +12 exclusive loop samples, synced to the main player.
  • You can play and record your personal samples.
  • 16 hot-cues pads, XY effect pad
  • Large buttons, enhanced for small screens.
  • You can use the Mix SoundCloud which provides you the ability to explore, play and mix all SoundCloud.
  • Big waveform view you can able to scratch and see the music + set cue exactly.
  • It has a music player that is compatible with MP3s, FLAC, AAC, and much more.
  • You can also sort your music library by title, BPM or length, and artist, album.
  • Navigation by folder
  • You can use the separate tabs which can swipe to display unlike panels on each side.
  • Portrait mode: big single player
  • You can also change each deck’s color: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, and pink.
  • The app interface is optimized for mobile and tablet.
  • It is also optimized for Intel processors.

Cross DJ Pro 3 Download & Install

  1. First of all, download the latest version of Cross DJ Pro 3 Download Android from our site Tool Hippo.
  2. Open the downloaded file of extension Brave Frontier APK and open it.
  3. After opening the Brave Frontier APK file click on the INSTALL option.
  4. When you click the install button you may get a message: so, go to your mobile Settings >> Go to Security >> Enable the Unknown Resources. Don’t worry it cannot harm your Android device.
  5. Also, if Data files are offered in the download then extract them and copy them into your android phone at Android >> OBB >> copy files here.
  6. After one or minute the app is installed on your device successfully.

Cross DJ Pro 3 is a useful Android app with many features. The app is completely safe and secure of any malware.

Cross DJ Pro 3 Technical Details

APP Name:                                            Cross DJ Pro

APP Version:                                         v3.4.2

License:                                                  Free

Category:                                                Audio & Video

Publisher:                                               Mixvibes

Operating System:                               Android

File Format:                                          APK

Minimum Requirements:                  Android 4.0+

Download Size:                                    32 MB

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