5 Best Fitness Apps To Lose Weight

Fitness apps are a tool of great use to keep track of one’s fitness regime and for staying in shape. Fitness apps provide an efficient platform to keep the progress in check. Most fitness apps include exercises, tips, daily workout routines for the body and different parts of the body, food choices and nutrition intake etc. These features help create a sustainable routine for anyone according to their level of commitment and strength to get in shape and lose weight. 

The 5 best fitness apps available are listed below. 

  1. MyFitnessPal

This is one of the most popular apps for fitness and weight loss. The app has integrated calorie count to keep track of the weight loss. The application is free to download but comes with a pro version which can be accessed at $9.99 monthly or for $49.99 annually. 

The app records your daily calorie intake, helps you set intake goals, find out the calorie count of your food while it also finds suitable healthy recipes for you too. A ‘quick add’ feature also lets you enter calorie count if you do not have time to enter your meal details. 

  1. Lose It

The Lose It app is also a calorie counting application which helps you keep a record of your meals and the calorie intake to reach your fitness and weight loss goal. The app has a social feature which lets you connect with other users on the aap. 

You can also take a picture of your food to calculate the calories in addition to finding various different recipes and food combinations according to your caloric needs and goals. The app is free to use and comes with an annual pro membership of $19.99 which provides additional features such as access to detailed meal planners and macronutrient goal setting etc. 

  1. MyNetDiary

This app includes a whole behaviour change tracking for a better fitness module and weight loss goals. MyNetDiary includes caloric intake tracking and provides a platform for exercise routines to compliment the food intake. 

The app includes pictographic representations of your daily progress; charts and graphs in the app provide a clear and easily understandable view of your progress. The free app is easy to use and provides advanced calculations like health tracking and personalized advice from a professional nutritionist for $8.99 a month and $59.99 annually. 

  1. Fitbit

This is not an application/software per se but a wearable device to capture the physical activity of the user. The Fitbit devices are connected with a Fitbit app which can be connected to all the apps in this list and syncs your progress information. 

The devices keep a track of your physical movement; recording the number of steps, distance walked and number of stairs used. It measures your heart rate in addition to keeping track of the water intake and weight goals. The Fitbit devices start from $59.5 while the app is free and comes with advance subscriptions at $9.99 a month or at $79.99 a year.

  1. WW

The app formerly known as Weight Watchers, offers a comprehensive weight accounting software. The app offers various tools to calculate and keep a track of one’s weight including daily calorie intake for specific fat loss, activity tracking, social networking and a reward or point system which keeps the user motivated. 

The WW app allows barcode scanning for easy entry of processed foods while it provides a platform for weekly workshops and a round the clock live coaching too. The basic access to the app usually starts at $3.22 per week which increases to $12.69 if you go for the advanced personal digital coaching version.

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